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Finding reliable cleaners and contractors in Topsfield, MA can be difficult and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  A Touch of Class Cleaning Services was founded with a mission to solve the housekeeping dilemma for Topsfield area home and business owners. Our team of professional cleaners and service personnel are adept in various types and scopes of services, from furniture and upholstery cleaning to refinishing your Topsfield area home’s hardwood floors. Though a cleaning company in name, A Touch of Class Cleaning Services undertakes interior and exterior painting (including any necessary surface prepping and sealing), as well as landscaping services. At A Touch of Class Cleaning Services, our mission is to keep Topsfield homes and commercial spaces looking their best in all seasons, so that businesses owners can focus on their work that matters most. Our residential Topsfield area clients can spend their free time enjoying their homes instead of worrying about cleaning and maintaining them. Don’t waste time and money chasing down several different contractors; look no further than A Touch of Class Cleaning Services for all of your home maintenance and cleaning service needs in Topsfield MA!

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A Touch of Class Cleaning Services aims to provide safe, environmentally friendly, and consistently thorough cleaning services to Topsfield residents. The team of cleaners at A Touch of Class is trained to use the right products and techniques appropriate to each surface of material. Whether you need just a single stain removed or your entire commercial space needs routine deep cleaning services, A Touch of Class Cleaning services can meet your needs. Featuring a professionally trained team and state-of-the-art equipment, A Touch of Class Cleaning is Topsfield’s top choice for home cleaning and maintenance services.

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